Endorsements & Judicial Evaluation Ratings


Endorsements tell important stories because they reflect the priorities of those lending their names to a candidate.

“It’s time to change the narrative in Spokane County Superior Court. I believe judges are public servants. The time has come for accountability to the people seeking justice in our court. Experience has taught me that in order to effect change in the Spokane County Superior Court status quo, experienced leaders with the perspective of those most impacted by the court system must be at the decision table.

Mindful of the Judicial Canons requiring judicial impartiality and independence, I respectfully ask for your endorsement to help make a difference in the Spokane County Superior Court system. Rest assured, if appointed I will keep an open mind and carry out the adjudicative duties faithfully and impartially. I respectfully ask you to join us in working together to put families first in Spokane County Superior Court.”

— D.C. Cronin

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Judicial Evaluation Ratings

Joint Asian Judicial Evaluation Cmte.* | Exceptionally Well Qualified | 2018

*Representing the memberships of the Asian Bar Association of Washington, Korean American Bar Association, South Asian Bar Association, Filipino Lawyers of Washington, and the Vietnamese Bar Association

Latina/Latino Bar Association | Exceptionally Well Qualified | 2018

Loren Miller Bar Association | Exceptionally Well Qualified | 2018

QLaw | Exceptionally Well Qualified | 2018

Spokane County Bar Association | Well Qualified | 2017

Spokane Washington Women Lawyers | Well Qualified | 2017

Organizational Support

Log Cabin Republicans of Eastern Washington
SCC College Republicans
Spokane County Democrats
3rd Legislative District Democrats
4th Legislative District Democrats
6th Legislative District Democrats

Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751
Amalgamated Transit Local Union 1015
Ironworkers Local Union 14
Laborers Local Union 238
Northeast Washington/Northern Idaho Building and Construction Trades Council
Preferred Labor Sign Local Union 1094
Sheetmetal Workers Local Union 55
Teamsters Local Union No. 690

National Organization for Women WA/PAC
Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR)
Spokane Ministers Fellowship

Community Leaders

Washington State Supreme Court
Justice Mary Yu

Washington House of Representatives, 3rd district
Marcus Riccelli

Former Spokane Mayor
Sheri Barnard


Francis Adewale
Tom Alexiou
Wm Fred Aronow
Suzanne Bartleson
Mike Beyer
Andrew Biviano
Beth Bollinger
Marco Bramanti
Keith Briggs
Denisa Buljabaŝić
Marshall Casey
Mark Cassell
Namva Chan
Rob Cossey
Gina Costello
Rebecca Coufal
David Crouse
Michael Cronin
Steven Crumb
Anna Cutler
Peter Dahlin
Jeremy Davidson
Greg Decker
Dustin Deissner
Shannon Deonier
Denny Dellwo
George Diana
Mary Doran
Brian Dykman
Rick Eichstaedt
Susan Embree
Debbieann Erickson
Casey Evans
Dianna Evans
Ann Farnsworth
Amina Fields
Gary Gainer
Christine Gallagher
Christopher Galbreath

Bryan Geissler
Richard Gilleran
Terry Gobel
Ezra Glanzer
Keith Glanzer
PJ Grabicki
David Groesbeck
Leslie Ann Grove
Gail Hammer
Olaf Hansen
Spencer Harrington
Tim Harkins
Ed Hay
David Hearrean
Ellen Hendrick
Lloyd Herman
Hilary Hibbeln
Jill Hogberg
Mark Hodgson
Mark Iverson
Aaron Jones
Ken Kato
Jim King
Kelsey Kittleson
Steve Kirby
MaryCarrol Knox
Richard Lee
Peter Lineberger
Mari Luna
Paul Mack
Donna McNamara
Dana Madsen
Frank Malone
Kelly Malone
Lisa Malpass
Craig Mason
Bevan Maxey
Bill Maxey
Morgan Maxey
Robin McCroskey
John McLendon
Al McNeil

Roger Metz
John Munding
Norma Myers
Anna Nordvedt
Tim Note
Adam Papini
Jim Parkins
LeRoy Peterson Jr.
Chris Phelps
Doug Phelps
Andrea Poplawski
Gloria Finn Porter
Connie Powell
Hector Quiroga
Amy Rimov
Kari Reardon
Nina Roecks
Charlie Rohr
Michael Roozekrans
Dale Russell
Martin Salina
Mary Schultz
Karen Schweigert
Troy Seeley
Doug Spruance
Gary Stenzel
Gordon Stoa
Rosey Thurman
Art Toreson
Julie Twyford
Steve Wee
Larry Weiser
Bryan Whitaker
Terry Williams
Lewis Wilson
Mark Wilson
Chris Wright
Cam Zorrozua

Community Members

Lou Maxey, Honorary Chairperson

Eric Agnew
Roger Aldrich
April Anderson
Don Anselmo
Judy & Ron Anselmo
Lisa & Gary Anselmomarnach
Alyse Anyan
Jason Archibald
JoAnne Bailey
Jan Baker
Linda Barkley
Daniel Barnes
Michael Baxter
Tim Behrens
Tina Bjorklund
Karen Boone
Tori Boston
Laura Bracken
Alana Brown
Linda Brown
Jim Burnett
Bobbi Campbell
Miles Carvel
Melody Chechen
Jill Cornaggia
Theresa Cronin
Manuel Cuevas
Janet “Pinky” Culbertson
Jenn Curtis
Melody Darby
Cara Deviny
Dr. Mary Dietzen
David Domreis
Michelle Domreis
Marsha Dornquast
Pastor A. Alan Dove
Kevin Egan
Annette Farrell
Dom Felix
Sheri Foster

Anthony Foster
Jared Frerichs
Mike Gainer
JoAnn & Ansano Giuntini
Donna Glanzer
Dr. James Goff
Gina Grabicki
David Green
Chris Reiner
Jennifer Grey
Joe Griffin
Shirley Hall
Curtis Hampton
Kelly Hawley
Todd & Jody Hechtman
Crystal Henry
Johnny Huddleston
Sally Jackson
Kitara Johnson
Angela Jones
Tommy Jones
Pastor Walter Kendricks
Dr. Pui-Yan Lam
Dan Lambert
Chance Laughlin
Lester Lea
Nicole Pope Lightfoot
Rick Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd Jr.
Rebecca Long
Barbara Losberg
John Lucassen
Angela Lunden
Regina Malveaux
J Maneval
Pam Maudill
Carlos Matthew
Liz Matthews
Martine Maxey
Paula Dillon Mays

Kay Wright McGlocklin
Dennis Mitchell
Lou Moon
Cheri Moore
Andren Moyer
Scott Mueller
Mary Ann Murphy
Frank Neeri
Melanie Nelson
Demetrius O’Neal
Georgia Payne
Hiller Payne
Salvador Pina
Sharon Randle
Dale Raugust
Autumn Reed
Joe Reilly
Floyd Rhodes
Breanne Riley
Débora Rivera
Patricia Robinson
Shayla Romans
Krystal Rose
Rickie Russell
Yolanda Perry Simpson
Jesse Smith
Tina Smith
Cheryl Steele
Karen Stromgren
Loretta Surma
Larry Tangen
Griselda Torres
Ron Toston
Tamara Towery
Jacob Varns
Lynnette Vehrs
Nikki Wattles
Xylina Weaver
Stephanie Wells-Gray
Dr. Paul Wert
Betsy Wilkerson
Valerie Williams
Sandy Williams
Pamela Kay Wilson
Anita Woodland
Jim and Pat Woodland