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Lisa Brown speaks at forum hosted by Coalition of Color; judicial candidates make their pitch The Spokesman-Review Will Campbell October 10, 2018

Sign Spotting The Inlander Daniel Walters, Photo Credit September 28, 2018

Szambelan, Cronin Compete For Spokane County Superior Court Slot Spokane Public Radio Doug Nadvornick September 11, 2018

County Judge Candidates Meet Questions From Spokane Bar Association The Spokesman-Review Jonathan Glover September 2, 2018
Dennis Cronin: Spokane Attorney Challenges For Superior Court Seat Spokane Public Radio Doug Nadvornick July 24, 2018

Bloomsday 2018: Coverage Of The Race The Spokesman-Review Jonathan Glover Becky Kramer And Nathanael Massey May 7, 2018

Ethics Commission Revives Complaint Against Mayor David Condon Stemming From Frank Straub Dismissal The Spokesman-Review Kip Hill January 19, 2018

Complaint Against Mayor Rejected Again Ethics Panel Cites Lack Of Specificity The Spokesman-Review Kip Hill February 17, 2017

Ethics Commission Again Declines Charges Brought Against Mayor Condon The Spokesman-Review Kip Hill February 16, 2017

Ethics Commission Wants To Hear Mayor’s Testimony In Frank Straub Ouster The Spokesman-Review Kip Hill July 21, 2016

Ethics Panel Defers On Last Condon Complaint, dishonesty Accusation Leveled In Straub Firing The Spokesman-Review Nicholas Deshais June 30, 2016

City Ethics Commission Defers Decision On Final Complaint Against Condon The Spokesman-Review Nicholas Deshais June 29, 2016

ethics Commission Dismisses Complaint Against Stuckart Aide The Spokesman-Review In Brief May 20, 2016

Ethics Complaint Against Adam Mcdaniel Dismissed The Spokesman-Review Nicholas Deshais May 19, 2016

The Ethicists The Inlander Jake Thomas January 21, 2016

One Of Three Ethics Complaints Against Mayor Condon Moves Forward Spokesman-Review Eli Frankovich January 7, 2016

Human Rights Commission Appointees The Spokesman-Review Pia Hallenberg April 22, 2010

Fugitive Builds Life, Gets Break The Spokesman-Review Thomas Clouse August 10, 2007

Payouts, Countersuits Revealed The Spokesman-Review Karen Dorn Steele And Bill Morlin March 25, 2007

Tucker Unopposed, `Untouchable’ ; Plea Bargains Are Up, Butno One Says County; Prosecutor Steve Tucker Has Gone Soft On Crime The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker November 4, 2002

Madd Takes Issue With New Dui Policy ; Prosecutor’s Get-Tough Policy Not Tough Enough, Critic Says The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker February 9, 2002

She Melds Caring And Toughness ; Judge Tompkins’ Style Allows For Sternness The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker May 27, 2001

New Prosecutors Sought In Abduction Case ; Defense Says Prosecutors Can Not Remain Impartial Because Of New Civil Claim The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker May 12, 2001

County Faces Lawsuit In Mukogawa Case ; Attorney For Accused Woman Plans Legal Action After Charges Against Client Dismissed The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker March 10, 2001

Judge Drops Suit Challenging Voting Law ; Law Barring Felons From Voting Is Biased, Plaintiffs Argue The Spokesman-Review Virgina De Leon December 6, 2000

Woman Admits Role In Mercy Killing ; Angela Boyette Changes Plea, Agrees To Testify; Against Pair Facing Murder Charges The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker March 29, 2000

Bail $500,000 For Murder Suspects ; Search Continues For Third Suspect The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker January 25, 2000

Gonzaga Students Challenge Vote Ban ; Law Clinic Argues That Judicial Discrimination; Puts Felons Law In Violation Of Voting Rights Act The Spokesman-Review Rob Mcdonald March 14, 2004

Judge Removes Gag Order In Rape, Kidnapping Case ; Suspects In Mukogawa Incident Say Media Jeopardizing Fair Trial The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker January 12, 2001

Dismissal Of Suit Against Officers Stands The Spokesman-Review Jonathan Brunt December 14, 2000

Felons Want Right To Vote ; Gonzaga Law Student Helping To Craft Argument; Against Law That Bars Felons From Casting Ballots The Spokesman-Review Virginia De Leon November 4, 2000

Court Clears Two Officers In Shooting The Spokesman-Review Mike Roarke June 16, 2000

Woman Accused In Cancer Patient’s Death Turns Self In The Spokesman-Review Mike Roarke February 8, 2000

Local Lawyer Joins Suit With F. Lee Bailey The Spokesman-Review Doug Clark September 7, 1999

Man Jailed By Mistake Sues County ; Official Admits A Foul-Up In Paperwork Led To Arrest The Spokesman-Review Adam Lynn November 25, 1999

Parents File Suit Against Rape Suspects Families Seek Damages From Gregory Mccrea, Daniel Gard The Spokesman-Review Tom Sowa March 17, 1999

Suit Alleges Defamation, False Arrest Plaintiff Says Police Too Quick To Assume Worst Of Young Blacks The Spokesman-Review Tom Sowa December 5, 1998

Plumb Can’t Run For Office Judge Takes Attorney Convicted Of Theft Off District Court Ballot The Spokesman-Review Tom Sowa September 12, 1998

Ex-Foley Foe Charged With Arson Marlyn Derby Arrested After Fire At Estranged Spouse’s House The Spokesman-Review Tracy Ellig June 16, 1997

Ex-Inmate Sues State For Right To Vote Suit Claims Law Discriminates Against Minorities The Spokesman-Review Bill Morlin May 1, 1997

Man Pleads Guilty In Fatal Stabbing The Spokesman-Review Staff Reports December 4, 1997

Maxey Law Office Announced Dennis Cronin Has Become A Partner With The Firm. The Spokesman-Review Business Beat December 5, 1996

Letter To The Editor The Spokesman-Review Dennis Cronin November 1, 1996

Prosecutor’s Office Accused Of Racism NAACP Denounces Decision Not To Prosecute Woman Who Stabbed Teen The Spokesman-Review Kevin Blocker October 9, 1996

Amend Told To Alter Death Certificate Coroner Ordered To Comply With Autopsy On Man Who Died In Jail The Spokesman-Review Bonnie Harris October 14, 1995

Carver’s Mom Seeks $1 Million Over Comments Says Dexter Amend Invaded Rachel’s Privacy The Spokesman-Review Gita Sitaramiah October 3, 1995

Gay Couple Wins Harassment Suit Former Neighbors Must Pay Men $400,000 For Terror Campaign The Spokesman-Review John Craig May 11, 1995

Woman Sues City Over Police Shooting Her Husband The Spokesman-Review Bonnie Harris March 29, 1995

Prosecutors Take The Stand In Job Fight Fired Deputies Say Sweetser Made Workplace Hostile The Spokesman-Review Jim Lynch February 24, 1995

Administrator Latest To Be Cut By Prosecutor The Spokesman-Review William Miller February 16, 1995

Ex-Aides Sue Sweetser Over Firing The Spokesman-Review William Miller January 21, 1995

Sweetser Fires Two Prosecutors The Spokesman-Review William Miller January 4, 1995

Court Orders Attorney To Identify Counterfeiters The Spokesman-Review Tom Sowa December 9, 1994

Man Given 20-Year Term In Stabbings Judge Says Killer Was Mentally Ill The Spokesman-Review Jess Walter June 9, 1994

Attorney Won’t Name Source Of Fake Money – Spokesman-Review Bill Morlin April 22, 1994